What is Link Juice? Everything About Link Juice

what is link juice?

It is a term used among SEO experts for the concept of transferring the value of a site or page to another site or page. This value is transferred by links from the site or the source page to the site or the destination page. They see them as a vote cast from the first site to the second site, and the value and ranking of the second site increases with search engines.

In general, there are many ways to get backlinks directly or indirectly. Sharing articles, posting guest (posts on other sites), social media marketing, reporting ads on other websites or buying links are a common way to get backlinks.


The best way to get backlinks that are also approved by Google is that you need to produce valuable content to engage the audience to the extent that they share it on the web and social networks. This is exactly the link juice or voting of other websites to your site is the result of transferring the value of linking sites to your site, which of course, depending on the quality of the site and the linking pages, the quality of these links is also different.


How does Link Juice work?

Suppose we have two sites, A and B. If all the SEO factors on sites A and B are the same and site A has a Link Juice from another site and site B has no link, then site A in the Google results will be higher than site B. The more links a site has, the more chances it has to get a better ranking in Google.


Now, if site B also receives backlinks as much as site A, what will be the change in the ranking of these sites? In this case, the quality and the so-called amount of juice received from each link will affect the ranking of the sites. Suppose that Site A has received four links and Site B has received three links. But sites that have linked to Site A also have other external links (faint lines). for this reason, the amount of Juice or credit received from sites linking to Site A is of lesser value


In other words, when a page is linked to different pages, the value of that page is divided between the recipients of the link. In the first case, because there are 3 external links on the linking page, the value of the page is divided between the three sites receiving the backlink, but in the second case because the linking site has only one outbound link so all the value of the linking page will be transferred to the site receiving the link.

link joice

Hopefully by now you have understood how page value is transmitted by Link juice. But another important thing to consider when analyzing backlinks is the type of backlinks. Normally, the links that are given to the internal pages of one site or another site are of the Follow or Do-Follow type. when the attribute nofollow is assigned to a link, it prevents the transfer of the value of the desired page. So, we conclude that to transfer the value of a page through the Link Juice, the DoFollow link must be used.

Another thing that some site designers do not observe is that they implement the links in the comments or comments of the site as follow, and by doing so, they cause the links that are given to other sites in this section to transfer the value of that page to the destination sites. So if your site template also has this problem, it is better to ask your site or template designer to add the UGC, nofollow property to the links in this section as soon as possible.

But this issue is about the internal links of the site on the contrary. The links that you refer to other pages of your site in the internal pages of the site should be as follow. This will increase the value of important pages of your site (recipient pages links)

What links are not Link Juice?

  • Links that are given to your site as nofollow.
  • Get links from pages that have worthless content.
  • Get links from pages that have a lot of outbound links.
  • Get links from pages that do not rank well in Google results.
  • Money backlinks
  • Links that are received as link exchanges.
  • Getting links from illegal sites without content

The role of rel nofollow and Dofollow in determining Link Juice

By using these two attributes (nofollow and Dofollow), you can tell search engines which link to follow and which not to follow. Naturally, when you use the nofollow tag, you do not want the value of your page to be transferred to the desired link. And the search engine understands your decision well.


The important point that can be concluded from the above is that if you link to other sites, the value of your site pages should not be transferred to other sites. When you link from a blog post to an external site, you can use the property rel = nofollow in the link.


Nofollow links in WordPress:

Use this plugin to nofollow links in WordPress.

What is Link Juice? Everything About Link Juice

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