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Almost all webmasters are now aware of the negative impact of buying backlinks on SEO and getting a lot of inappropriate links. One of the most common questions asked by SEO sausage readers is, “What is the effect of buying backlinks from sites with high page rank? How will Google know it’s paid?”

The answer to this question is very easy, buying backlinks is not the right thing to do! If you are looking for a good place in Google results and you have a long-term plan for your work, buying backlinks is not a good way because you may face serious problems such as site penalties by Google in the future.

Simply put, Google recognizes backlinks to your page or site as a positive vote from users or other sites. The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning the Google election. Google has explicitly stated that buying backlinks is against the policies of this site and is considered a violation. The problem starts when users think that by buying votes, they can deceive the search engine and win this election, but Google’s monitoring of buying backlinks is very complex and powerful.

google says about backlinkGoogle warns sites about the negative impact of buying backlinks

How backlinks affect Google results

If your backlink is from a reputable site with a high page rank, it will certainly have a greater impact on your SEO. This has led to the purchase of backlinks from powerful sites with high prices in the past few years. Google identifies the subject of the site based on the words around a link.

For example, many sites refer to the Amazon site in their pages, which usually have the word “Books” in their sentences. Therefore, by searching for this word in Google, you will see the Amazon site in the second place after the Google library, but For the Amazon site of this magnitude and power, the word “Cars” is not recognized as a keyword because it has no good inbound link to it.

As a result, buying backlinks will only be effective for your site if it is from reputable sites related to your field of work. You should also pay special attention to the linked word or phrase or the text anchor and the words around it. Because your backlinks will affect that keyword in Google results and not all the words you have chosen as your target.


Google detects backlink purchases

Google has a variety of ways to detect backlinks being bought by sites. The most important of these is Google’s special team to combat this phenomenon, which has no task other than surfing the Internet and identifying sites that sell links. If you have found a suitable site to buy backlinks, there is no reason why the Google team cannot identify it.

You might think that Google employees do not have enough time to check all the sites and pages and identify the sites that sell backlinks, which of course is a good idea! But usually, the sites that sell backlinks and link to many pages with different topics are noticed by their competitors and are reported directly to Google by these people.

In this case, an expert will check the site and if he is sure of buying and selling backlinks in it, he will manually fine it. A site that has been penalized in this way will receive a message with the subject of Unnatural Links in the Google Search panel of its console and in the Manual Actions section.

The image below shows this message in the old version of Google Search Console for a site that has sold backlinks.

manual actions

The second image shows an example of Google’s manual penalty for a site that buys backlinks, and due to the change in the appearance of Google Search Console in the new version, how it is displayed is different.

manual actions 2

Google encourages users to identify sites that try to deceive the search engine in this way. Doing so will result in a Google fine for both the seller and buyer from these sites. The number of inbound links to your site over a period of time and the context of the reference sites are other criteria for Google to identify infringing sites.

After updating the Penguin algorithm, the excessive and abnormal use of a specific phrase such as anchor text has been added to Google’s list of violations in buying backlinks.

A few important points in buying backlinks

If you continue to insist on this and do not like principled and better ways such as content production, consider the following points before spending any money and accepting risk to minimize the possibility of penalties for your site:

  • Buy backlinks at regular intervals. Offers such as “Advertising on 10 sites with page rank 2 and 3” are not a good choice.
  • Contact the site owner directly and do not cooperate with advertising intermediaries.
  • Do not cooperate with sites that sell links widely and accept ads.
  • Buy links only from sites related to your field of work.
  • Instead of text ads in the sidebar or footer of sites, use content ads and dedicated content.
  • Instead of buying backlinks on all pages of a site, advertise on one or more specific pages.
  • The ratio of purchased links to the total natural links of the site is less than 10%.


Common Mistakes in Buying Backlinks

With a simple search on the internet, you will find many sites that are selling backlinks with attractive and effective titles. If you do not have experience in buying backlinks and do not know about its destructive effects, you may easily be deceived by such sites and destroy your SEO forever.


One of the new techniques in the Internet space is negative SEO, which is done with the aim of losing the position of competitors. However, many people do negative SEO on their site with the aim of improving the status of their site and buying backlinks. Let’s look at some of these slogans:


Buy cheap backlinks

We all know that no cheapness is unreasonable. Wherever you come across the slogan of buying cheap backlinks, read it as, Buy poor quality backlinks.

If the backlinks are cheap, it means that everyone can easily create links for themselves in the same space where you are present, and by increasing the number of these links in a site, the value and credibility transferred to each of these sites will decrease.

Also, sites that have a lot of external links may be identified by Google as a backlink or spammer, so it is better not to be in this space.


Buy bulk backlinks

These sites usually point to a large number of links in addition to being cheap. The same points we made for buying cheap backlinks apply to this category as well. In addition, when you place your link on many sites in a short period of time, you are practically telling Google that these are abnormal.

Google knows that you supposed to have 50 links to your site in the past year, and that number suddenly increases to 2,500 in a short period of time, such as a month. Links that are all marked with a keyword and placed on low value sites. In this case, the penguin algorithm does not have a hard time detecting the abnormality of your link building.


free back link!

This method can be considered the worst and most inefficient method of external linking. Online tools get your site address and list it in thousands of directory sites or online testing tools. By doing this, you have created a large number of links in a short period of time, as well as links from low-value pages. Do not take free backlinks seriously and avoid them strictly.


Buy external backlinks

Another common technique to trick you is to use terms such as buying external backlinks or buying valid backlinks that make you think they will be useful for your site. As mentioned earlier, our most important criteria for receiving a link from a site is its relevance and credibility. While most of these sites have only the option of high credibility and have nothing to do with your site.


Professional guide in buying backlinks and ad reporting

One of the most important factors influencing the acquisition of a place in Google results is the observance of internal link building standards and, of course, the development of a strategy for external link building.


Below are some factors to consider when buying backlinks:

  1. Factors affecting the impact of links – Link Juice
  2. Principles of internal linking – Internal Links
  3. Complete guide to buy backlinks – Buy Backlinks
  4. Reportage Buying Guide – Reportage
  5. Manual link building techniques – Free Backlinks
  6. Link Building Calendar – Link Building Calendar


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the impact of backlinks on SEO?

In a short answer we can say, very much! Yes, one of the most important factors for Google to determine the credibility and ranking of a site is the links received from other sites. But do not forget that not every link can have a positive effect on SEO, and factors such as thematic relevance of sites, choosing the right anchor text, timing and page that received the link are also effective factors in the quality of your backlinks.


Buying backlinks is a black hat technique or gray?

The techniques of the gray hat are in fact the same as the techniques of the black hat, but in implementing them, we follow some things so that Google does not realize our purpose and the unreality of the links.

Buying backlinks is definitely a black hat technique from Google’s point of view, however, if you know the external link building standards and follow them correctly, it can be classified as a gray hat.


What is a permanent backlink?

When we talk about buying backlinks, we usually mean placing text links in the sidebar or footer on all pages of another site, which are usually sold on a monthly and non-permanent basis. But in fact, any link that is given to your site from another domain is considered a backlink.

Permanent backlinks include things like creating user profiles on other sites, comment marketing on sites and forums, or publishing ad reporting. These links will remain on other sites forever and do not need to be renewed.


How does Google find backlinks abnormal?

Google’s most important tool for dealing with abnormal link building is the Penguin algorithm. This algorithm examines many issues such as anchor text scatter, site relevance, your history of link building, follow or nofollow links, and reduce the site’s position in search results if it considers your link building process to be abnormal.

Get natural backlinks with this tuturial

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