What is a keyword ? what is keyword research ?

what is keyword?

The keyword differs from Google, webmaster and search audience, which is why the keyword can be defined in several ways:

Define the keyword from the audience’s point of view

The keyword from the audience’s point of view means what leads the audience to its purpose. For example, if you are looking for Post Malone’s songs on the Internet, you can search for keywords that lead you to these pages, for example:

  • Post Malone

Download Post Malone

  • Download Post Malone songs
  • Download music by Post Malone
  • Download Post Malone album

These are your keywords, but if you mean a specific song by Post Malone, your keywords will be different:

  • Allergic music by Post Malone
  • Allergic song by Post Malone
  • Download Allergic by Post Malone
  • Download Allergic song by Post Malone
  • Download the Allergic music by Post Malone
  • Download Allergic song by Post Malone
  • Allergic music by Post Malone

However, Google knows that music and songs are synonymous, and may give you similar results from a specific page and site. But the audience may search in different ways, so keywords may differ, but the results are the same.

Google keyword definition:

Billions of web pages are generated and updated daily. Google cannot use people to identify the purpose and content of these sites. Google uses robots to identify the content and purpose of the page.

Robots work by identifying your most frequently used words as your keyword on a page. Do not worry because these bots are smart and recognize words like (from, to, for, because). Which are extra and commonly used words, even though they are widely used in your content, as extra words and not as keywords!

Bots on your site are looking for real keywords with appropriate repetition. So, we need to use keywords in different parts of our site, which I will explain exactly where and how much to use the keywords to be recognizable for Google bots.

Definition of keyword in terms of webmaster

From a webmaster’s point of view, keywords are the same terms that brings visitors. These visits may be more or less relative to the popularity of that keyword. A webmaster is always trying to link the keywords to the page. If you input a keyword that has nothing to do with the content of the page, you will lose the rank in that keyword.

Rest assured that the audience behavior analysis section in Google is so professional that it can easily identify these items and get traffic to your site. So, according to webmasters, keywords are sensitive phrases that should be carefully considered in the content and in the different sections of site.

What is a long and short keyword?

Keywords are divided into long and short, which short keywords are usually from 1 to 3 words and long keywords from 3 or more. But where did this division come from?

Because not all people search alike on Google, some use sentences and some are satisfied with a single word. The longer the words searched on Google, the more accurate the results will be to the audience.

longtail keyword with shorttail keyword

for example:

If you do a Google search: (Buy a Samsung phone) This is a short keyword and suggests results for all types of Samsung phones on one page (usually the PLP page).

But if you do a Google search: (Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10) this is a long keyword that will be exactly what you searched for.

So, the longer the keywords, the more accurate the user demands, in which case the user’s interaction with the site will be better.

Why using keyword in content is important?

You get visitors to your site directly from Google. Google ranks your site in different words. For example, a page from your site may come to the first page of Google in one or more keywords. Finally, these keywords of your site Are ranked in Google but based on the content of your site.

So, it matters a lot what keywords you use, how much and where in your content. In the rest of this content, I will fully teach you how to do these things efficiently.

What is Lsi Keyword?

As mentioned, we can use multiple keywords per URL or page, but is that a good idea or not?


The richer your site pages are in the keyword related to that content, the more likely you are to get a better ranking. For example:

If we want to work on the keyword <<SEO>> in two different URLs in two different domains, a page will be more valuable to Google if it offers a different and more domain than the keyword. For example, two-page keywords are like this.:



  • SEO
  • Site’s SEO
  • SEO services



  • SEO
  • SEO History
  • SEO services
  • SEO specialist
  • SEO order
  • Technical SEO
  • Off Page
  • That page
  • key word


Google looks at the keyword range of URLs in the rankings, and the richer the site in this range of keywords, the higher it leads to rankings. So, do not be happy with this and stay with us.

Question: Should LSI always include the main content keyword?

No: ‌ Google algorithms use artificial intelligence and realize that when you use the word on that page, that word is related to SEO.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density means the frequency and use of that word in content. According to research conducted by SEO experts, the keyword should be between ٪ 1 to 5% of our total content.

For example, for the content of 1000 words, we can use the keyword 10 to 50 times.


But using keywords is for Google to determine in which category to rank your content. So, if you need to use more than 5% in the content, that’s ok but Google tests the quality of your content from other factors.

This is where we SEO experts say, you should write to the user. Because Google detects user behavior from your content, if you use the keyword so much that the user is annoyed, the content will receive a negative rating from Google.

What is keyword stuffing?

Keywords, in addition to improving your site traffic, can also reduce your site traffic. But how?

When you use a lot of keywords, so that your text contains 50% or more of the keywords, it means that the content reader is not considered, and it is easily recognizable to Google that the page contains a penalty or keyword penalty Staffing will happen.

Keyword research

So far, I have told you about the concept of keyword, but where to find keywords and what words or phrases are the keyword of our business requires a lot of research.

The good news is that there are sites and tools that have done this research from search engines and with a simple click, we can find the keywords of our business and use them in the content and pages of our site.

Introducing the best keyword research tools


The keywordtool.io tool is free for keyword research, but you need to purchase an account to view keyword competition factors, search volume, and…


The Mongools site has various tools in SEO, one of which is kwfinder, which is one of the best and most complete keyword research tools of its kind.

If you open an account on this site, you can use its tools for free for up to 10 days.


WordTracker is also a free and good tool for keyword research. This site plugin is also available for Google Chrome, which you can install and activate so that you can always easily access it.


To check the available keywords and their frequency in a text, you will need a professional site called WordCount. This site even shows you single, double and triple keywords of the same content and it is completely free!

Keyword strategy

Determining and formulating a keyword strategy is one of the most important tasks of a SEO, and to get started, you should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Search Volume

The total number of keyword searches is usually calculated as per month, per year or per day. In order to find the right strategy, we need to know the exact number of entries for each keyword.

The amount of difficulty or competition in the keyword

One of the most important factors in setting up a SEO strategy is examining the level of competition and the difficulty of the keyword.

  • Being trendy of the keyword

Being trendy in certain years or months of the year also helps us to come up with a better strategy for our keyboards.

But how do we get started with keyword strategy?

After researching the keyword for business, we will examine the above 3 indicators. With the following questions, we will choose the best strategy for success in the shortest time.

  1. What words lead the most search to our site?
  2. Which of these words (high volume search) is less competitive?
  3. Which one is in seasonal or close to seasonal and monthly trends?

Possible priorities:

Words that are more searchable and less competitive and in trend, are our first priority.

The words that have more search and less competition are not in the second priority

Words that have less search and less competition and are in trend, are the third priority

Words that have less search and less competition and are not in trend, are the fourth priority

Words have more searches and more competition and are in trend or will, take the fifth priority

Words that are more searchable and more competitive and are not in the trend, stay at sixth priority

In order, we prioritize other cases in the same way.

Very important point in strategy layout:

Businesses are different. The strategy is different for startups and older sites that have been around for several years. Also, the strategy is different for shopping sites like cooler / heater / clothing (year trend). Do not focus on Only the top six. Do not be satisfied because my goal with this example was to understanding better your keyword strategy.

Frequently Asked Keyword Questions

What is a keyword? ⭐

These are the words we visit. These words can include a single word, several words or even a sentence! Keywords from the user’s point of view are also words that lead the user to the page they want.

Where is the keyword best used in the content? ⭐

The keyword should be used in the following places:

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Meta description
  • Content URL
  • First paragraph
  • Main text
  • Photo name
  • ALT index image
  • Video name

How many times is it better to use the keyword? ⭐

We use the keyword in different parts of the page. Excessive repetition of keywords in the sentence and even the text may result in penalties for you. But as long as the user does not have trouble reading your content, you can use keywords. Duplicate keywords are also said to be density, which some SEOs believe should be between 1% and 5% of the total text.

What is a keyword strategy? ⭐

Reviewing and developing the best way to get more views from search engines in the shortest time is called keyword strategy. But to determine this strategy, we need the tools as well as the keyword factors that we mentioned in this tutorial.

What is a keyword ? what is keyword research ?

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